Paramount Chief MPEZENI of the Ngoni of Eastern Province says 40 years on the throne has had some challenges and blissful moments.

Chief MPEZENI says this year's N'cwala ceremony is special because being on the throne for four decades is a rare privilege not a mean achievement.

The Ministry of Tourism says there is need to develop certain aspects of tradition and culture to be income generating activities. 

Ministry of Tourism Acting Provincial Officer for Eastern Province EVELYN MWALE cultural artifacts and traditional food should be promoted further to sustain livelihoods.

President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA says traditional ceremonies are significant because they unit the people.

Tourism Minister, RODNEY SIKUMBA has challenged marketers to propose strategies to Government that will market the country as a tourist and investment destination of choice.

Mr. SIKUMBA says marketers are well placed to market the country’s products, goods and services because of their unique skills that also connect them to different international communication avenues and organizations.

Tourism Minister RODNEY SIKUMBA has urged unions representing statutory bodies under his Ministry not to encourage their members to go on sitting protests.

And Mr. SIKUMBA says he is working on finalizing with Cabinet the management boards for the National Museums Board -NMB- and National Heritage Conservation Commission -NHCC- in the coming week.

Lusaka, Zambia: On the 1st of July 2022, the Government of Zambia and conservation non-profit organisation, African Parks, announced the signing of a 20- year-agreement for the Kafue National Park in a landmark commitment to secure the protection and effective management of one of Africa’s ten largest national parks. This significant new partnership will deliver greater investment in all aspects of Kafue’s park management, to realise its exceptional value to biodiversity, socio-economic development and the people of Zambia.

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