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Minister urges Union not to encourage their members to go on sitting protests

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Tourism Minister RODNEY SIKUMBA has urged unions representing statutory bodies under his Ministry not to encourage their members to go on sitting protests.

And Mr. SIKUMBA says he is working on finalizing with Cabinet the management boards for the National Museums Board -NMB- and National Heritage Conservation Commission -NHCC- in the coming week.

Speaking during a meeting with University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers Union -UNZALARU-, Mr. SIKUMBA said the recent sitting protest by members of staff from NMB and NHCC was due to a misunderstanding between the union and management.

He said there is need for continued dialogue with the unions to discourage workers from downing tools.

The Minister also stated the need to have a win-win situation than resolving to protest as people need to understand that the economy was broken and now the Government wants to mend it.

And ministry of Tourism Permanent Secretary EVANS MUHANGA said he has a role to look at what the unions are bargaining for in line with the treasury authorities from the office of the Secretary to Treasury.

Mr. MUHANGA said he wants staff to be given the best but that there is need to look at where the institutions are coming from.

Meanwhile, UNZALARU, General Secretary MOONGA MUPUNA said the union wants space to begin negotiations considering the expiry of the Collective Agreement.


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