The Ministry is responsible for facilitating sustainable tourism development, wildlife conservation and management and cultural development and preservation.

“To be among the most visited holiday destination and regional hub for conferencing in Africa”.

Mission Statement
“To facilitate, develop, manage and promote sustainable tourism, wildlife conservation and preservation of culture.”

Core Values
The operations of the Ministry, conduct and behaviour of the staff for the next five years will be anchored on the following eight core values:
(i) Impartiality
(ii) Team Work
(iii) Transparency
(iv) Confidentiality
(v) Excellence
(vi) Courtesy
(vii) Integrity
(viii) Accountability

Specific Mandate
According to the Gazette Notice No. 7039 of 2021, published in the Government Gazette, Vol. LVII, No. 90, of Friday, 27th September, 2021, the Ministry is allocated the following portfolio Subjects and Statutory Bodies/Institutions:

(i) Accommodation establishments;
(ii) Casinos;
(iii)Culture Policy;
(iv) Folklore and Preservation of Oral Traditions;
(v) Hotels and Rest Houses;
(vi) Indigenous Knowledge;
(vii) Museums;
(viii) National Heritage;
(ix) National Parks and Wildlife;
(x) Promotion of Souvenirs;
(xi) Promotion of Tourism;
(xii) Promotion of Traditional Crafts;
(xiii) Research in Culture;
(xiv) Safari Operations;
(xv) Tourism Policy;
(xvi) Traditional Ceremonies; and
(xvii) Travel agencies.

Statutory Bodies/ Institutions:
(i) Hostels Board of Management;
(ii) Hotels Managers Registration Council;
(iii) National Heritage Conservation Commission;
(iv) National Museum Board;
(v) Zambia Institute for Tourism and Hospitality Studies former HTTI; and
(vi) Zambia Tourism Agency.

Statutory Functions:
(i) National Heritage Conservation Commission Cap 173;
(ii) National Museums Cap 174;
(iii) Tourism and Hospitality Act No. 13 of 2015;
(iv) Zambia Institute for Tourism and Hospitality Studies Act No. 42 of 2016; and
(v) Zambia Wildlife Act No.14 of 2015.

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