The Department of Planning and Information is responsible for coordinating, formulating and reviewing Ministerial policies and Legislation to facilitate effective implementation of programmes and projects. It shall also be responsible for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of tourism, culture and wildlife programmes in order to ensure achievement of set goals.

The Department performs the following specific functions:

  1. Coordinate planning, implementation and review the Ministry’s Strategic and other plans;
  2. Facilitate bilateral and multi-lateral cooperation, projects and treaties in tourism, wildlife and culture;
  3. Coordinate the preparation of annual budgets and budget performance analysis reports in consultation with all departments;
  4. Develop project proposals for mobilization of resources;
  5. Conduct monitoring and Evaluation of policies and programmes implemented by the Ministry;
  6. Coordinate and conduct periodical research in order to generate information for informed decision making;
  7. Establish and maintain an effective Information System on the programmes of the Ministry in order to facilitate informed decision making;
  8. Provide ICT service, management and maintenance of the information system in order to disseminate and make information available to end users;
  9. Coordinate Parliamentary and Cabinet Business in the Ministry;
  10. Mainstream cross-cutting issues such as gender, environment and climate change into ministerial programmes; and
  11. Collect, analyze, prepare and disseminate sector statistics reports on tourism, wildlife and culture.

The Department is headed by a Director (M) who is assisted by one (1) Chief Planner and one (1) Data Manager.



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