The Department is responsible for the control and management of National Parks and Game Management Areas and conservation of wildlife ecosystems, and its biodiversity in order to promote sustainable use of wildlife. It is also responsible for the conservation of objects of aesthetic, pre-historic, historical, geological, archeological and scientific interest in National Parks and Game Management areas in order to promote cultural and natural heritage and scientific studies.

The Department performs the following specific functions:

  1. Formulate and implement national parks and wildlife policies;
  2. Manage, conserve and protect National Parks, bird and wildlife sanctuaries and Game Management Areas;
  3. Collaborate with local communities in the management of Game Management Areas in order to facilitate their economic and social wellbeing;
  4. Promote investment and development of National Parks, Bird and Wildlife Sanctuaries and Game Management Areas;
  5. Sensitize the public on the necessity of wildlife conservation and importance of wildlife to foster appreciation of the economic and aesthetic value of wildlife as natural assets;
  6. Issue licenses and permits;
  7. Grant hunting concessions to hunting outfitters and photographic tour operators in Game Management Areas in collaboration with local communities;
  8. Advice communities in Game Management Areas and Open Areas on management of human and natural resources; and
  9. Collaborate with stakeholders on wildlife management, conservation and law enforcement.

The Department is headed by a Director who is assisted by one (1) Assistant Director- Conservation and Management, one (1) Assistant Director- Legal, one (1) Assistant Director- Commercial Services, one (1) Assistant Director-Research, Planning and Veterinary Services, one, and one (1) Principal Engineer.

The Department is deconcentrated to ten (10) regions spread over long distances and across provinces as follows:

  • Muchinga-Mpika;
  • Luapula-Mansa;
  • North-western/Copper belt-Solwezi;
  • Western-Mongu;
  • Southern-Livingstone;
  • Kafue-Mumbwa;
  • Lusaka-Chongwe;
  • Eastern-Mfuwe;
  • Northern-Kasama; and
  • Central-Kabwe.




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